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If you’re looking for some tools to collect feedback from your customers and display it on your store’s website, then you have to check out these Bigcommerce apps for ratings and reviews. These Bigcommerce plugins will help you get your clients to rate and review your products and your company, or import existing feedback from other sites, and they come with useful features like responsive layouts for mobile devices, support for Google Rich Snippets, detailed analytics and reporting, and more.

Yotpo Reviews

yotpo bigcommerce apps ratings reviews

Yotpo Reviews lets your store’s customers provide their feedback in the body of review request emails, making it easier for people to send you their product ratings. Plus, this review and rating Bigcommerce plugin has a responsive layout, so your clients can give their feedback using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Yotpo Reviews also offers social media integration, making it easy for you to share positive ratings on sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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Trustpilot Reviews

trustpilot bigcommerce apps ratings reviews

Trustpilot Reviews will automatically send review requests via email to your customers, inviting them to provide feedback about your products and your company. Plus, this Bigcommerce app for reviews and ratings comes with detailed analytics, so you can see your store’s average rating, the sources of your reviews, the average number of ratings you receive each day, and more.

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Stamped.io Reviews

stamped bigcommerce apps ratings reviews

This Bigcommerce app for reviews and ratings makes it easy for you to collect feedback from your store’s customers that you can display on your website to increase your sales. Stamped.io Reviews will automatically email your clientele and ask them to write reviews of your products, and it comes with support for Google Rich Snippets, which can improve your website’s SEO.

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Social Reviews & Testimonials

kudobuzz bigcommerce apps ratings reviews

Kudobuzz makes it easy for you to import reviews of your company and products from social networks like Facebook, Google +, and Twitter, which can give people the confidence they need to purchase your merchandise. This Bigcommerce app for reviews and ratings features support for Google Rich Snippets, and it comes with different types of widgets, including a review form, a testimonial page, a review tab, and a single page slider.

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Feefo Ratings & Reviews

feefo bigcommerce apps ratings reviews

This Bigcommerce plugin will automatically send requests to your store’s customers asking them to rate and review your products, and it comes analytics and reporting to help you review and understand the feedback you receive. Plus, Feefo Ratings & Reviews will automatically forward this feedback to Google, so the ratings and reviews will appear in your Adwords campaigns and search engine listings.

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