Can I Sell Subscription Boxes And Products Using Shopify?

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A recent report found the global market for subscription boxes was valued at $22.7 billion dollars, and it’s expected to more than double by 2027, reaching an estimated $65 billion. However, that’s just the subscription box market: the global subscription ecommerce platform market, according to a recent report, was valued at nearly $73 billion in 2021, and it’s projected to grow to over $320 billion by 2027.

The subscription model lends itself to a wide variety of products, including food, makeup, clothing, books, and intangible items like music and podcasts, so if you have an online business or are thinking of starting one, you should definitely consider offering subscriptions to your customers.

However, without the right tools, selling subscriptions can be extremely complicated. Fortunately, Shopify, one of the most popular ecommerce platforms in the world, offers a free trial, as well as a wide variety of apps for subscriptions and recurring orders, and we’ve chosen just a few of our favorites to share with you!

SubBox: Subscriptions

This robust Shopify plugin is ideal for retailers — both large and small — who want to sell subscription boxes, and it can easily be added to existing ecommerce websites. SubBox: Subscriptions includes a self-managed customer portal, which should help cut down on the amount of time you and your staff have to spend handling customer inquiries and requests, and it has support for multiple subscription models — including pay-as you-go, prepaid, and auto-renewed —  making it a great solution for selling a wide variety of items.

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Awtomic Subscriptions

Awtomic Subscriptions is an awesome app for selling subscriptions online, because not only is it fully integrated with Shopify Checkout and Payments, it gives customers the ability to build their subscription boxes, bundle products together, and shuffle items. This Shopify plugin also has a user-friendly portal people can use to manage their subscriptions, and it features support for dynamic discounts and prepaid subscriptions. Plus, Awtomic Subscriptions has a fantastic add-on feature that will showcase new items to shoppers, which can help you increase your revenue and introduce your customers to your latest merchandise.

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Ongoing Subscriptions

This Shopify app lets you offer pretty much any product as a subscription, and it has support for various types of discounts for subscribing, including set prices, specific amounts off, and percentage-based discounts. Ongoing Subscriptions also allows shop owners to offer multiple subscription frequencies, from weekly and monthly, to quarterly, and even annually. Plus, this subscription Shopify app is both GDPR and PCI-compliant, it’s extremely easy to install, and comes with revenue reports to help you see how offering subscriptions has helped boost your store’s bottom line.

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Timo Subscriptions

If you’re looking for a simple way to offer flexible subscriptions to your customers, then Timo Subscriptions might just be the solution you’ve been searching for. This Shopify app offers support for multiple recurring roles for different products, and it gives you the ability to have selectable or fixed subscription options. Plus, Timo Subscriptions has a portal your customers can use to pause and cancel their subscriptions, as well as add or remove products, change their payment methods, and alter the interval of their orders.

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