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If you’re looking for a way to send regular newsletters, greet new customers, recommend products, request feedback, and decrease shopping cart abandonment, then you have to check out these Shopify apps. All of these Shopify apps are designed for email marketing, and they come with great features like drag and drop message editors, mobile-friendly designs, support for A/B testing, reporting and analytics, predesigned templates, popup newsletter subscription forms, and more.

Firecart – Marketing Automation for Shopify

firecart email marketing shopify apps

Firecart makes it easy for you to send lots of different types of messages to your customers, including birthday wishes, reorder reminders, newsletters, feedback requests, and welcome greetings. This Shopify app also offers support for SMS text messages, and it allows you to easily build landing pages, create an affiliate program, automatically segment your clients to different groups, and display a newsletter subscription form on your store’s website.

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eCommerce Email Marketing by Soundest

soundest email marketing shopify apps

Soundest can help you increase your sales by automatically emailing customers who have abandoned their shopping carts after entering their email addresses, and it will even send the message again to people who didn’t open the first one. Also, this Shopify app will add a pop-up newsletter subscription form to your store to help you increase your mailing list, send welcome emails to your new customers, and allow you to easily add product images and details to your company’s newsletter.

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Email Marketing – Remarkety

remarkety email marketing shopify apps

This Shopify app offers a drag and drop editor to help you easily create mobile-friendly newsletters and marketing campaigns with unique promos and product recommendations. Plus, Remarkety comes with tracking and reporting to help you gauge the effectiveness of your messages, and it includes support for A/B testing, simple Google Analytics integration, and easy customer segmentation.

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SmartrMail – Personalized Email Marketing

smartrmail email marketing shopify apps

SmartrMail uses information about your customers’ order history and past behavior to create personalized emails with recommended products which you can send to your clients in hopes of encouraging them to buy these suggested items. Plus, this Shopify app includes a popup newsletter subscription form to help you build your mailing list, easy email customization, and real-time analytics to help you track the efficacy of your messages.

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Predictive Email Marketing by rare.io

predictive email marketing shopify apps

Predictive Email Marketing enables you to send personalized emails to your clients, and it comes with a drag and drop designer to help you create mobile-friendly messages. Plus, this Shopify app comes with a visual segment builder to help you send targeted emails to specific client groups, and it even includes A/B testing to let you experiment with various subject lines and message content.

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AWeber Connector

aweber email marketing shopify apps

AWeber Connector will automatically synchronize data from your online store with this newsletter application, including email addresses, names, physical addresses, total amounts spent, and number of orders. This Shopify app makes is easy for you to segment your clients into different groups, and it automatically syncs your customer information with AWeber every 15 minutes.

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Autoresponder Max

autoresponder email marketing shopify apps

This Shopify app enables you to send lots of different types of emails to your clients, including newsletters, product recommendations, order followups, requests for product reviews, and surveys. Plus, Autoresponder Max also allows you to create messages to help you recover lost sales due to shopping cart abandonment and thank your customers for placing their first orders with your business, and it even includes analytics and reports to help you gauge the effectiveness of your emails.

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