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If you want to reduce the number of orders that get returned to your store as undeliverable, then you have to check out these address validation Shopify apps.  These Shopify apps will validate the mailing addresses entered by your customers, so you won’t end up shipping an item to a place that doesn’t exist.  Plus, these address validation Shopify plugins come with tons of useful features, including support for lots of different countries, auto complete, a responsive layout for mobile devices, and more.

SmartStreet – Address Verification

smartstreet address validation shopify apps

This address verification Shopify app is designed to help you prevent orders from being returned because of customer mistakes and typos, and it comes with a useful auto complete feature that will provide as many as ten suggestions to your clients as they’re typing.  SmartStreet will also automatically convert addresses into the format preferred by the United States Postal Service, and it uses a database of addresses that is updated every day.

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Address Validator by RoboTurk

address validation shopify apps validator

Address Validator by RoboTurk comes with support for addresses in lots of different countries, including France, the United States, Australia, Greece, Canada, Malaysia, Germany, the UK, South Africa, Mexico, and Singapore.  This address validation Shopify app is very easy to use, and it features a responsive design, so it’s compatible with mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.  This Shopify app will automatically validate addresses at the end of checkout with the help of a fullscreen popup window, so it won’t interrupt the order process.

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shipsafe address validation shopify apps

This address validation Shopify plugin will check the addresses provided by your store’s customers and automatically change them to the format preferred by USPS to help guarantee your orders get delivered safely.  Plus, if someone provides an incorrect address, SafeShip will automatically update the order with the correct address or notify you to let you know it can’t determine the most likely address.

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