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If you need a plugin to help you prevent underage people from accessing your website, then you have to check out these Shopify apps for age verification.  These Shopify apps are perfect for stores that sell restricted goods like tobacco and alcohol, and they come with cool features like responsive designs for mobile devices, easy color, background image, and text customization, support for multiple languages, and more.

Age Check

age verification shopify apps check

This Shopify app for age verification will require your site’s visitors to either enter their birth dates or confirm they are over a certain age before they’re able to browse your online store, making it perfect for people who sell products like tobacco, alcohol, or vaping supplies.  Age Check comes with support for multiple languages, a responsive layout for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, easy font, color, background image, and text customization, and more.

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Customer Fields

customer fields age verification shopify apps

Customer Fields allows you to collect additional information about your store’s shoppers, including their birthdays, decreasing the chances you’ll accidentally sell restricted goods to people who are underage.  Plus, this Shopify app for age verification enables your customers to upload documents to their accounts, so they can supply you with copies of their passports or drivers licenses to prove they are old enough to buy your products.

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Age Verifier

age verification shopify apps verifier

This Shopify plugin for age verification will add a popup window to your ecommerce website that will require people to confirm they are old enough to buy your merchandise before they’re able to access your store.  Age Verifier allows you to easily change the color and text of the popup window, and you can even include a background image and your company logo.  Plus, this Shopify app offers a responsive design for compatibility with mobile devices, and it allows you to track the number of visitors who verify their ages during a specific period of time.

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