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If you want to make it easier for your customers to find the products they’re looking for, then you have to check out these Shopify apps. All of these Shopify apps are designed for adding product filters to your store’s items, so your shoppers can search your merchandise by variants like brand, size, color, type, and price.


easysearch product filter shopify apps

EasySearch enables you to add a dropdown to your website that your customers can use to search for merchandise by different variants, and it allows you to import a CSV file of your product database. This Shopify app also comes with customization options, so you can change the layout and colors of the dropdown to fit the needs of your store.

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Collection Filter

collection product filter shopify apps

Collection Filter will enable your customers to search your products by color, type, size, vendor, and other custom options, making it easier for your shoppers to find the items they’re looking for. Plus, this Shopify app gives you the option of automatically hiding out of stock variants, and it even lets you customize the way your tags are displayed.

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Power Tools – Filter Menu

power tools products filter shopify apps

This Shopify app lets you add a menu to your online store that your clients can use to find their desired items by filtering your products by price, color, size, material, type, and brand. Power Tools – Filter Menu also comes with tag synchronization, so it doesn’t require a lot of regular maintenance, making it a great tool to improve your site’s usability.

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Power Tools – Variant Filter

power tools variant product filter shopify apps

This Shopify app makes it easy for you to add tags to your products, so your customers can search your merchandise using filters like colors and sizes. Plus, with Power Tools – Variant Filter if you sell out of all of the items that use a particular variant, then it will remove that tag as a filtering option, so your store’s shoppers won’t get frustrated when trying to find the products they want.

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