Shopify Referral And Affiliate Apps To Help Boost Your Sales

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If you’re looking for a way to increase your store’s traffic and sales, then you have to check out our favorite referral and affiliate apps for Shopify. Affiliate and referral programs allow you to easily reward individuals when they recommend your store or products to their friends, giving people an incentive to tell people about your shop and the items you sell. We’ve chosen our favorite affiliate and referral apps for Shopify, and they include great features like social media integration, multiple reward options, analytics and statistics, A/B testing, and more.

LeadDyno: Easy Affiliate Marketing

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LeadDyno offers a social media sharing feature that rewards affiliates for sharing links to your store on networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. Plus, this affiliate Shopify app includes easy installation and configuration, PayPal, Dwolla, and Coinbase payment support, and dashboards for you and your affiliates.

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This referral app for Shopify allows your customers to earn rewards every time someone they’ve referred purchases an item from your store, and it provides links and coupon codes members of your affiliate program can share with their friends and family via email, chat, or social media. ReferralCandy also includes customizable emails you can use to invite people to join your referral program, as well as let members know when they’ve made a successful referral. If you want to reward people when they send you new customers, then you have to check out this Shopify affiliate app.

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Omnistar Affiliate Software


If you want an affiliate program that’s easy to set up and manage, then you have to check out Omnistar Affiliate Software. This referral app for Shopify allows you to quickly create an affiliate program for your online store, and it offers loads of free tools, such as EBooks, videos, and webinars, to help you improve your marketing strategy and grow your business. Plus, Omnistar Affiliate Software is compatible with lots of different mobile devices, so members of your referral program can easily access their affiliate control panels from their smartphones.

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