Shopify FAQ Apps For Answering Common Customer Questions

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If you want to reduce the amount of time you spend answering customer questions, then you have to check out these Shopify apps. All of these Shopify apps help you add FAQs to your online store, and they come with great features like responsive layouts, jQuery effects, easy color customization, and more.

EasyAccordion & FAQ

easyaccordion faq shopify apps

This Shopify app lets you add an accordion widget to an FAQ page or product description pages, and it’s extremely easy to configure. Plus, EasyAccordion & FAQ also offers a user-friendly layout editor to help you quickly customize the widget’s color and background to match the look of your online store.

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Product FAQ

product faq shopify apps

If you want to decrease the number of questions you get from potential customers about your items, then you have to check out Product FAQ. This Shopify app lets you add jQuery accordion style FAQs to your product pages, and it offers easy color and size customization.

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ez faq shopify apps

This Shopify app allows you to create an FAQ page for your entire store, and it lets you separate questions and answers into different categories. Plus, EZ FAQ also includes color and font customization, so you can make your FAQ page match your website’s existing branding.

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power faq shopify apps

POWr FAQ enables you to add frequently asked questions to your website, and it includes support for links, video, text, and images. Plus, this Shopify app includes custom icons, a responsive layout, and easy color, background, font, and border customization.

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HelpCenter – Build an Attractive FAQs Page

helpcenter faq shopify apps

This Shopify app lets you create an FAQ page for your online store which your customers can search to find answers to their questions, and it allows your visitors to submit queries that you haven’t already provided answers for. HelpCenter is a great tool to help you decrease the amount of time you spend responding to questions from potential customers.

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