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If you want to integrate Instagram, an incredibly popular social network for sharing photos, into your Shopify store, then you have to check out these awesome Instagram apps. We’ve found a number of different Shopify apps to help you integrate Instagram into your website, including an app for showcasing your Instagram feed in your store and multiple apps for sharing your customers’ photos from Instagram, as well as other social networks like Vine, Twitter, and Facebook.


promotify shopify instagram app

Not only does this Shopify app allow you to easily display your customers’ images from Instagram, Twitter, and Vine, but it also lets you reward them with store credit for posting photos of your products. Promotify will automatically email your customers after their orders are delivered and offer them store credit if they post an image of their items using a specific hashtag, making it a simple and easy way to build buzz about your brand.

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imageagram shopify instagram app

If you want display your customers’ Instagram photos of your products on your online store’s website, then you have to check out this Shopify app. Imageagram allows you to easily integrate Instagram into your Shopify store via a photo gallery widget with multiple styles and customization options.

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Social Photos

social photos shopify instagram app

This Instagram Shopify app enables you to display your customers’ images and videos anywhere on your store’s website, and it allows you to moderate the content you share on your ecommerce site. Plus, you can instruct your customers to use different hashtags to have their images and videos appear on specific pages, such as product listing pages.

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