Shopify Recommendation Plugins To Help Increase Your Store’s Revenue

If you want to increase your store’s sales and revenue by suggesting items to your customers that they might like, then you have to check out these Shopify plugins. These Shopify plugins will recommend products to your website’s visitors and clients, and they come with cool features like analytics dashboards, multi-language support, easy installation, customization options, and more.

Findify Search & Recommendations

finidify recommendation shopify plugins

This Shopify plugin analyzes the way customers behave while visiting your website and uses a unique algorithm to provide them with personalized product recommendations. Plus, Findify Search & Recommendations comes with support for 15 different languages, an analytics dashboard, a responsive design, and more.

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cross sell recommendation shopify plugins

This Shopify app allows you to select items to recommend to your website’s visitors, which can help you increase your store’s revenue and sales. Cross-Sell lets you choose the number of products you want to showcase in your recommendations, edit the heading text for your recommended items, display recommendations on the cart page, and more.

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Recolize Recommendation Engine

recolize recommendation shopify plugins

This Shopify plugin allows you to create mobile-friendly carousels with product recommendations which you can display on different sections of your website, including search results pages, category lists, shopping carts, product detail pages, and order confirmation pages. Recolize Recommendation Engine comes with easy integration, live analytics and reporting, multiple recommendation types, and more.

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Recomify Related Products

recomify recommendation shopify plugins

Recomify Related Products allows you to use its unique algorithm to automatically recommend products to your store’s shoppers, or you can manually choose items to showcase to your customers. Plus, this Shopify plugin comes with a customizable widget that you can personalize to match the look of your site, easy installation, and more.

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