Recommendation Shopify Apps To Suggest Items To Your Customers

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If you want to increase your store’s sales and revenue by suggesting items to your customers, then you have to check out these Shopify apps. All of these Shopify apps are designed for product recommendations, and they come with analytics and reporting, easy design customization, support for A/B testing, advanced algorithms, and more.

Predictive Email Marketing by rare.io

predictive product recommendation shopify apps

If you want to recommend products to your previous customers even when they’re not on your website, then you have to check out Predictive Email Marketing. This Shopify app comes with a drag and drop email builder, so you can easily create attractive, mobile-friendly messages with personalized recommendations, and it comes with support for A/B testing to help you determine the effectiveness of different types of emails.

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LimeSpot – Personalization / Recommendation

limespot product recommendation shopify apps

LimeSpot uses a learning engine to automatically create recommendations based on product descriptions and titles, but it also allows you to manually choose related items. Plus, this Shopify app lets you customize the dimensions and title of the recommendation box, add and remove sales tags on product pictures,  and display the recommendations on your choice of home, checkout, product, collection, and blog pages.

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Perzonalization – Recommendations in Real Time

personlization product recommendation shopify apps

This Shopify app uses a predictive personalization algorithm to determine the products your customers are more inclined to buy, and it works well on smartphones, tablets, PCs, and laptops. Personalization displays recommended items on cart, home, category, no search results, and product detail pages, and it can help you sell more merchandise, boost your revenue, and increase customer loyalty.

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Better Recommendations

better product recommendation shopify apps

Better Recommendations uses a cutting edge algorithm to showcase recommended items on product, cart, and landing pages, and it includes analytics to help you see how much these products have increased your sales. This Shopify app is easy to install and customize, and it lets you manually override recommendations if you think some merchandise might be more appealing to your customers.

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