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If you want to be able to provide support or answer sales questions in real time, then you have to check out these Shopify apps. All of these Shopify apps are for live chat tools, and they come with useful features like Facebook messaging, support for unlimited users and chats, new chat notifications, support for mobile devices, easy chat window customization, and more.

Mobile Chat

mobile live chat shopify apps

Mobile Chat allows you to communicate with your customers via text messages, so they can ask you questions about your products from their phones. This Shopify app will add a button at the bottom of your store’s mobile website which your visitors can click on to text you, and you can customize the button’s background and text colors to match your company’s branding.

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Facebook Live Chat

facebook live chat shopify apps

This Shopify app will add a chat window to your store’s website that your customers can use to start a conversation with you, and it is compatible with mobile devices and offers support for multiple languages. Facebook Live Chat also comes with customization options, so you can change the style and position of the tab, as well as the text size and tab message.

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LiveSupporti – Live Chat Software

livesupporti live chat shopify apps

This Shopify plugin has iPhone and Android apps to let you chat with people from your phone or tablet, and it includes support for multiple languages, message notifications, easy chat box size and color customization, and shortcodes. LiveSupporti also allows you to transfer a conversation with a client to another operator, set up automatic messages, send and receive files, view details about your visitors, such as their locations, devices, and IP addresses, and more.

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