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If you want your customers to be able to create lists of the products they’d love to receive from your store, then you have to check out these Shopify apps. All of these Shopify apps are designed for building wishlists, and they come with awesome features like easy button customization, responsive layouts, support for multiple languages, social sharing, analytics and reporting, and more.

Drop a Hint Premium

drop a hint wishlist shopify apps

While not technically a wishlist app, this Shopify plugin allows your shoppers to tell their friends and family about the products they want from your site via a stylish ecard. Drop a Hint comes with a customizable electronic greeting card template, it’s very easy to install, and it includes support for MailChimp.

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Wishlist @ $2

wishlist shopify apps 2

This Shopify app lets your customers create wishlists which can they can email to their friends and family or share on social networks like Twitter and Facebook, and it will even automatically tell them via email when the prices of their desired items have changed. Plus, Wishlist @ $2 comes with a template system to help you customize the appearance of your wishlist page, and it will send you a report every day of all of the products people have added to their wishlists.

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Wishlist + Share

wishlist shopify apps share

Wishlist + Share lets your store’s shoppers make lists of the items they want to purchase from your website, and it allows you to customize the look of the add to wishlist button and the wishlist page. This Shopify app also enables your clients to see how many other people have a particular item in their wishlists, and you can even automatically notify your customers via email about the merchandise on their lists.

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Wishlist King

wishlist shopify apps king

Wishlist King enables your customers to create multiple types of wishlists for specific events or projects, and it comes with social sharing and an analytics dashboard. This Shopify app also lets your shoppers start wishlists before they have accounts on your website, and their lists will be added to their accounts the first time they login to your store.

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Smart Wishlist

smart wishlist shopify apps

Smart Wishlist lets your customers make wishlists without even having to login or register on your website, and it allows them to add items from both collection and product pages. This Shopify also includes support for multiple languages, it’s optimized for speed and mobile devices, and it’s very easy to install, configure, and customize.

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Wishl Favorites Wishlist

wishl wishlist shopify apps

Wishl Favorites Wishlist lets your customer make multiple wishlists, and it enables them to move items from one list to another. Plus, this Shopify app includes support for social sharing, a responsive layout for compatibility with mobile devices, a customizable button, and a statistics dashboard, and it even allows your clients to add notes to their wishlists and the products they’ve added to them.

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Wishtack – Social Gift Wishlist and Registry

wishtack wishlist shopify apps

Every time one of your customers adds a new item to their wishlist, Wishtack will automatically share the products with their friends on Facebook. This Shopify app lets people add products to wishlists and registries without having accounts on your website, it’s very easy to install, and you can customize the button’s text, colors, border, and positions.

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