Quiz, Poll, And Survey Shopify Apps To Help You Learn About Your Customers

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If you want to create quizzes, surveys, and polls to learn what your customers think of your store, customer service, and inventory, then you have to check out these Shopify apps. All of these Shopify apps are designed for building polls, surveys, and quizzes, and they come with great features like easy color and font customization, reports and analytics, responsive layouts, automatic notifications, and more.

Callexa Feedback


This Shopify app will automatically email a survey to your clients shortly after their orders have shipped, so you can gather useful feedback to help you improve your company. Callexa Feedback also lets you import and export data using CSV files, link to your survey on your site or in your store’s newsletter, and review your customers’ replies using an advanced analytics dashboard filled with statistics and graphs.

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Fyrebox Games and Quizzes


This Shopify app lets you create a variety of quizzes, including true and false, multiple choice, and open ended, and it comes with support for 9 different languages. Fyrebox Games and Quizzes also has easy customization, so you can quickly change the appearance of your quizzes, and it comes with built-in analytics to help you view statistics and results.

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