Shopify Plugins And Apps For Price Change Alerts

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If you’re looking for a plugin to help you notify your store’s customers when you decrease the costs of products they’re interested in buying, then you have to check out these Shopify apps for price change alerts.  These Shopify apps will tell your site’s shoppers when an item’s price drops, which can help you improve your store’s sales.  Plus, these Shopify apps for price change alerts come with lots of useful features, including email templates, support for multiple languages and currencies, detailed analytics, and more.

The Watchlyst

watchlyst price change alerts shopify apps

This Shopify app for price change alerts lets your store’s visitors signup to receive notifications when the cost of an item drops, allowing you to automatically send an email when you decrease the price of a product.  The Watchlyst comes with support for multiple currencies, and it includes detailed analytics to help you track notifications, product views, return visits, page views, email leads, subscriptions, and more.

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