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If you want to add FAQs to your store’s website to decrease customer inquiries, improve your shop’s SEO, and provide people with the information they need to purchase items from your store, then you have to check out these Shopify apps. faltMany of these Shopify plugins make it easy for shoppers to submit questions about your products, and they come with great features like responsive designs, automatic email notifications, support for multiple languages, customizable forms, accordion layouts, and more.

Product Questions and Answers

product questions faq shopify apps plugins

This FAQ Shopify app enables your store’s visitors to ask questions about your merchandise via your website’s product pages, and it will notify you via email when you receive a new query. Then, Product Questions and Answers allows you to respond to the question, and the answer will appear on the product page, preventing other customers from submitting the same query.

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slim faq shopify apps plugins

SlimFAQ includes a user-friendly WYSIWYG editor to help you create questions and answers, and it even allows you to display videos and images in your content. Plus, this FAQ Shopify plugin comes with support for multiple languages, easy customization, simple installation, a powerful search feature, and more.

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Ask a question

ask a question faq shopify apps plugins

This FAQ Shopify app makes it easy for your shop’s clients to ask questions about the items you carry, and you can view the conversation history via the admin area while customers can see it when they’re logged in to their accounts. Ask a questions also comes with a responsive design, so people can easily submit questions using their smartphones and tablets, and you can even customize the submission forms to meet the needs of your company.

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Product Questions & Answers

product questions answers faq shopify apps plugins

Product Questions & Answers lets your store’s shoppers ask questions on your website’s product pages, and your answer to their query, as well as the inquiry, will be displayed near the item’s description. Plus, this FAQ Shopify app will showcase questions and answers in a customizable accordion, which will help the FAQs appear neat and tidy.

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ask questions faq shopify apps plugins

This FAQ Shopify app makes it easy for your customers to submit questions about your store’s merchandise, and it will even notify you via email to let you know you have a new inquiry to respond to. askQuestions even lets you edit the questions sent by your shoppers, which allows you to clarify their queries for the benefit of other clients, and it comes with an accordion layout, easy customization, support for bulk actions, and more.

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