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 If you sell products that are available in different colors, patterns, and textures, then you have to check out these color swatch Shopify apps.  These Shopify apps allow you to replace dropdown menus with color swatches, giving you a more user-friendly way of showing product variations.  These color swatch Shopify apps are easy to install, and they include great features like color pickers to help you choose the exact shade of a swatch, support for uploading image swatches for products that come in specific patterns or textures, and more.

Quick View and Color Swatches

quick view shopify apps color swatches

This Shopify app will add a quick view button that your store’s visitors can click on to display a popup window with product details, including color swatches. Quick View and Color Swatches includes support for product swatches in one or two colors, but you can also upload your own images for items that come in patterns or textures. Plus, this color swatch Shopify app offers easy installation, an intuitive interface, and simple customization, making it a great tool for people who lack a lot of technical experience.

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shopify apps color swatches

This color swatch Shopify app is designed to help you sell items that come in a range of different colors and patterns by allowing you to add swatches to product description pages.  Swatches comes with a number of different swatch themes for you to choose from, so you should be to find one that matches the needs of your store.  Plus, this Shopify plugin for color swatches is very easy to install and configure, so you don’t need a lot of technical knowledge to use it.

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swatchify shopify apps color swatches

This color swatch Shopify makes it easy for you to replace dropdown menu options with swatches of patterns, colors, and textures.  Swatchify comes with a color picker to help you choose the exact shade of an item, but you can also upload an image to showcase a pattern or texture.  Plus, this Shopify plugin includes support for two-tone merchandise, so you can choose two colors for a single swatch, and it comes with multiple layout options for you to try.

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